About Amber

Hello, I’m Amber. I consider myself to be positive, chilled out and a little creative, but I’m mostly a smart-ass to my closest friends. Oh, I also have this tendency to laugh at my own jokes a little too much. However, “the creative duet” all started out as a creative collaboration between myself and my identical twin sister Benita. We did a bunch of chalk art and a few murals around the local town, anyways things changed. So, I have started this blog by myself because I’ve recently gotten through a mental illness and I feel as though my life changing for the better. Anyways, this is my journal of sorts… So, please look around. (plus, I’m the twin on the right!)

Below is a little dash of information about my recent past. WARNING depressive content below.

It all began around half way through the year 2015. I think it was the end of June, when life gave me a massive wake up call. Although, I have not been clinically diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I suffered a “Manic Episode” which shattered all my faith, self belief and left me feeling empty. Having my brain fail me and going “crazy” was the scariest time I’ve ever experience. I’m still dealing with the aftermaths nearly two years later. While on medication, I became clinically depressed for over a year, within this time I’ve gained a lot of weight which makes me want to hide from the world.

Right now, I’m finally feeling more like my old self and I no longer wish to hide. Lastly, just to be clear, mental illness sucks! But it should be discussed more. So, feel free to read my full story, blog post one.

Amber ~Smile

Feel free to message me at: thecreativeduet@gmail.com