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July 23, 2017

free relaxation massages

I’m really excited to be able to offer YOU a FREE relax’ massage. So, feel free to contact me via the envelope icon, to book in your massage. 

This past week has been great, I’ve been busy working on my ‘semester 2 goals’ which so far is going well. Honestly, I wasn’t perfect with getting up at 7am daily. But thats okay right? Changing takes time and consistently trying is better than giving up.

Anyways, I wasn’t perfect but getting back into fitness has already made me feel better and happier. Plus, I also managed to massaged a couple of my first “free massage clients”! The treatments went well and all the feedback has been really positive, so far.

For those who are not yet aware, over the last six months I’ve studying and practicing massage therapy. So far, I have learnt a full-body relaxation massage sequence. A few of my close friends and family members, have already benefited from the relaxation massages.

I’ve been getting some positive feedback which has given me a little confidence boost. Therefore, I’m now offering my new skills to anyone who is willing to donate their time for relaxation massage treatments. So, if your someone who needs to chill out, de-stress & relax, your should book in NOW! Simply, send me a message, why not? I promise there is not “catch” its legit FREE! So, please treat yourself for free now, before I graduate.

The massages I offer are available during the week (Monday-Wednesday after 3:45pm) from NOW until the end of November, 2017. They may take 60 minutes of your time (plus an additional 15minutes for the consultation and forms). You will be required to fill out a simple health history form before treatment and a small feedback questionnaire afterwards. To qualify for this service you must be at least eighteen years young or more, and be able to travel to my address located in Traralgon, Victoria.

Contact Me TODAY to book in your FREE relax’ massage!

*Please note: These free relaxation massages will based in Traralgon, they will only be available this year or until the end of November, 2017. Please, understand, that I offer relaxation massages not remedial, for practicing purposes only.

Please Note: The FREE Relax’ Massages are a FREE GIFT & are for training purposes only. Therefore, no payment is required.

May 15, 2017

Embody Massage Clinic Vision


Hey, so above is a little logo and vision board for a future dream massage/mini shop clinic. Since, I have started studying my creative spark has reappeared, which is super fun and exciting. I do still consider myself a creative, simply because I still adore beautiful things. And vision-boards are a great way to infuse creativity, dreams and a little self help knowledge I’ve collected over the years. I did go through a phase of being fascinated with all the “self help” books, bloggers, you tubers, for example; Marie Forleo, covers all three of these. Anyways, now that I have started a Diploma of Remedial massage, I have had a bit of fun coming up with a little logo for my future business. My future massage clinic will be called ‘Embody Massage Clinic’. Obviously, I’d offer indulgent relaxation massages and other treatments like facials. But in addition, to the clinic treatments, I’d love to incorporate beautiful, natural and hand made or crafted home wears and beauty products. Oh, and a dash of art, plus maybe be a few… or a lot of plant based and vegan cook books. Yes, I am having fun dreaming. Oh, I must say thank you to Nesha for the above vision board design template.

In the future, I’d love to recreate this vision board using my own clinic’s pictures. To see the ‘before’ vision board  transform into the ‘after’ reality photo board  would be something.