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December 14, 2017


This year is coming to an end, while christmas is mere days away, I’d like to let everyone know that FREE REMEDIAL MASSAGES will be back in 2018!

I’m excited to get stuck into my 2018 new years resolutions. While we all have crazy expectations and BIG DREAMS. Why not focus on your health and wellbeing this year? Simply add “a FREE massage” to your 2018 resolution list! Please, note that further massage detail and conditions are coming soon in 2018 (check out the “2018 Massage” page for more information).

I hope to see you in the new year!  Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and try to relax and enjoy these holidays.


October 9, 2017

Free Massages BOOK IN NOW!

Hey, please enjoy a cup of tea and read on…

Firstly, for all the new and frequent viewers of “the creative duet” welcome to my website, please, feel free to contact me for a free massage, I’d love to hear from you.

MY FREE MASSAGES are available now! These student level relaxation and remedial massages, are based at my home in Traralgon, 3844. They are available from now until the end of November, so please BOOK IN SOON! For more information & to book in, click here.

Also, I have a little announcement to share. 


For the next two months (October and November), I’ll be focusing on completing my last term of my Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy course, for 2017.

This mean’s I’ll not be posting any new blog posts for the next couple of months.

My health and studies are my two core priorities at this time. In order for me to maintain & improve my health and be a studious student, I personally need a break from blogging.

Please know that I have loads of exciting ideas for my blog, that I cannot wait to share with you all in December and 2018!

For now take care,


August 14, 2017

mel robins

Mel Robins created the “5 Second Rule” to help herself stop hesitating all the time & instead, make it simple for herself to start acting, achieving and enjoying life again. The “5 Second Rule” can help anyone take immediate action. The “5 Second Rule” is used when you’re faced with a challenge (big or small), to use it simply, count down from five, (5, 4, 3, 2, 1…) then, go do something, take action immediately! The action may be big or small, but it just needs to get done NOW! Because we all know that once you begin, then you can win! I’ve listened to Robins audio book, its inspiring, informative and makes implementing the rule super simple. This rule is potentially life changing, but only if you use it & take action throughout your day.

its hard to ‘just do it’


Today’s post was inspired by my lack of motivation when it comes to studying. I didn’t feel like studying so, instead I decided to go onto Pinterest to pin some motivational quotes in the hopes that I’d be inspired and once again motivated to open my books. Luckily, I actually remembered Mel Robins “5 Second Rule”. So, I thought man I should study, then counted down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then, I closed Pinterest and opened my books. And before I new it I really getting into my studies.

After I start the studying, I always wonder why my mind seems to hate the thought of ‘study’ because in reality (once I open up my books and start reading) I love learning new & interesting information. If you want to find out more, Mel’s book explains why our minds make beginning any task extremely difficult.

The rule is simply great, because it can allows you to bypass your tricky overthinking mind, and allows you to ‘just do it’. So, if you ever feel stuck in a rut & don’t feel like doing anything, perhaps try the Mel Robins “5 Second Rule”. It worked for me.

Hope you enjoy my super simple Monday post. Amber


August 6, 2017

peppermint foot soak

Here is a little foot soak recipe that I created for my Aromatherapy class. Since peppermint tea is my favourite, I was interested in creating a recipe which was focussed around peppermint essential oil. It turned out to be refreshing yet soothing, plus its super cute & cheap to make!

Everything you need you can pick up from your supermarket although, the jar i bought from a dollar store and you may need to buy your essential oil from a speciality store.


July 16, 2017

Semester Two Goals

This semester, I’ll be establishing a few new routines. Below are my goals that I’lll be accomplishing this term:


  • Workout 7AM
  • Fill out the five minute Journal (in the morning)
  • I’ll be ready & leave the house by 8:00am every morning (Monday-Friday).

  • Write a ‘to do list’ for tomorrow the night before
  • I’ll prepare my lunch in my bento box (from monbento), each night before class/work.
  • Fill out the five minute Journal (in bed at night)


  • Begin Sarah’s Day 8 Week Challenge (Workout Plan)
  • Focus on eating plant based whole foods (fruit/salad/veggies).
  • Drink two bottles of water or 2litres of water daily.
  • Schedule in downtime during the week (inspired by ‘The Downtime Agenda‘)
  • Keep one day of the weekend free for adventure, excitement, crafts, pampering, cooking, chilling, friends & family.


  • Review the weeks new massage sequences daily.
  • Schedule in clients for Monday-Thursday, after school (3:15-5:15pm).
  • Check & answer client related emails each morning & afternoon.


  • Every Monday, I’ll post on my blog (wellness lifestyle inspiration).
  • Every Sunday I’ll write and edit my weekly blog post.

These goals may seem simple but doing anything consistently is a challenge (at least it is for me). I hope you all have an amazing week.

Do you have any goals or tips on how to accomplish goals or establish new habits? Please comment below or message me via the contact side bar.

July 10, 2017

A Sneak Peak of my Week

Hello, so, I’ve only just gotten home from Melbourne late tonight. I spent the last couple of days visiting f

amily in the city and celebrating a special little one’s first birthday. Its so good being part of such a BIG loving family. Especially, when we have just welcomed another mini member, this past weekend. Its crazy my (step) bother and two (step) sister’s all now have gorgeous little family’s, while I’m still trying to work out this “adulting thing”.

This week I focused on catching up with friends and family, practising massage and just taking my time to put a few things in order. Plus, ate awesome plant-based food.

Monday-First official day of holidays, so chilled out cooked breakfast for Dylan and myself and then watched some Netflix & Stan. Then, eventually I made my way to my office to blog. I sorted out my blog’s ‘about’ section, designed a blog banner image in photoshop, then worked on & published the Monday blog post.

Tuesday-I slept in and took it easy tidying up the house. I then practiced massage on a client in my home-based massage room. Plus, my Luxy Hair prize was delivered! I won a little Instagram competition and received a 5 minute Journal! (I still feel super lucky and totally blessed)

Wednesday-I treated myself and spent the morning in a local The Dark Horse Cafe/Restaurant, they have a vegan menu, there I planned out my week & created a shopping list. Then, I went on a little shopping spree. I bought a few things for my Massage Room (new lamps & a lavender scented eye pillow). Plus, some mini polaroid Instant Film for my Fuji camera (for an upcoming party). I then practiced massage on another client and did grocery shopping. I then rushed to get ready, met up with a small bunch of people to celebrated a mate’s Birthday at Stellina. Good hearty food, wine and great company.

Thursday- I woke up feeling drained and regrettably had to postpone my regular massage client. She was lovely. So, I organised a few things around town and cleaned out my car inside out. Bought next terms study supplies and watched the latest episode of ‘younger’, its my favourite show on Stan. Made pancakes for dinner for a spontaneous date night.

Friday- I had a smoothie & packed lunch in my monbento lunch box for work. After work, I invited my close friend over for a relaxation massage and she surprised me with gifts (I teared up), she’s just the best! Anyways, later on, Dylan brought home Vegan burritos from the new Zambrero Mexican place. It was so good!

Saturday- I worked again, then packed for Melbourne trip Sunday.

Sunday- Woke up at 5AM! Caught a train at 6AM, got to my sister’s at 8:30AM, we picked up my little sister, went to a cafe for coffee (I had the fresh fruit juice, i don’t do coffee), then we got some sushi and listened to classic tunes all the way to my little nieces first birthday party. Was fun and lots of instant film photo’s were taken! Hung out with my sister’s till late, we ate dumplings, and made each other laugh (I could barely breath, I was laughing so hard), and just hung out.

Which brings me to today! I hung out with my best friend who just happens to be my twin sister Ben-ji-men (Benita), we slept in, she made me sweet potato with fresh salsa for Breakfast. We went on a mini adventure around Richmond and talked about spirituality and life in a gorgeous park. Then I caught a bus and train back home. Its good to be back in the country, no traffic to keep me up at night.


July 3, 2017

Winter Wellness Wishes

I’m keeping my promised to myself. So, here is my first Monday blog post.

Today I’ve been thinking and rethinking about my ‘fresh start’ in July. This year has been alright so far but I want to improve a few things in the next half of this year. In my last blog post I went over a few goals that should help improve my slack time management skills (thats if I actually action the goals). Right now, I’m currently on holidays and its freezing outside (minus 4 degrees). I’m someone who adores winter but lets be honest smashing goals versus cuddling up in front of the fire. Which one would you rather?

Winter can make motivating yourself that much harder. But I want to find a way to infuse the things I adore doing in winter with the not so fun goals that really need to get done. So, I’ve come across something I think may help me. I’d like to introduce you to an online space that celebrates and encourages us to rest up and even chill out, without any guilt. Its called Downtime AgendaThis site is not based around how to be lazy. Instead, its all about creating the time we all need to rejuvenate, so that we’re able to perform at our best. Its such a gorgeous website that I’ve only recently discovered. So, please take the time to check it out.

“The Downtime Agenda is an online hub dedicated to the things we do when we’re not doing things. Reminding us that rest, recuperation and comfort aren’t indulgences — but necessities.” Julie Haslam, Founder of The Downtime Agenda 

Winter wellness wishes will revolve around getting things done, relaxing and treating myself well this year.