May 15, 2017

Embody Massage Clinic Vision


Hey, so above is a little logo and vision board for a future dream massage/mini shop clinic. Since, I have started studying my creative spark has reappeared, which is super fun and exciting. I do still consider myself a creative, simply because I still adore beautiful things. And vision-boards are a great way to infuse creativity, dreams and a little self help knowledge I’ve collected over the years. I did go through a phase of being fascinated with all the “self help” books, bloggers, you tubers, for example; Marie Forleo, covers all three of these. Anyways, now that I have started a Diploma of Remedial massage, I have had a bit of fun coming up with a little logo for my future business. My future massage clinic will be called ‘Embody Massage Clinic’. Obviously, I’d offer indulgent relaxation massages and other treatments like facials. But in addition, to the clinic treatments, I’d love to incorporate beautiful, natural and hand made or crafted home wears and beauty products. Oh, and a dash of art, plus maybe be a few… or a lot of plant based and vegan cook books. Yes, I am having fun dreaming. Oh, I must say thank you to Nesha for the above vision board design template.

In the future, I’d love to recreate this vision board using my own clinic’s pictures. To see the ‘before’ vision board  transform into the ‘after’ reality photo board  would be something.

2 thoughts on “Embody Massage Clinic Vision

  1. Joh

    I love your vision and look forward to seeing it the reality photos. You are definitely a creative being!

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