free massages 2018

FREE REMEDIAL MASSAGES may be available SOON! (Details will be updated in early 2018)

I’m Amber, a current Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy student. I’ll be offering Student level FREE REMEDIAL MASSAGES in 2018. Massage details, dates and times will be available come January, 2018! So, stay tuned for more details this New Year!  

  • Generalised Remedial Massage (initial 90min) & (60min):

Remedial massages may benefit those who might suffer from a certain condition(s) or issue(s). Remedial Therapists will physically assess a client, develop a specific treatment plan and treat or refer their client on if necessary. Remedial Massage treatment benefit’s may include; increasing their client’s range of movement, reducing client’s pain &/or quickening clients recovery times. Normally, this style of treatment should consist of a physical assessments (prior to treatment), a remedial massage treatment and aftercare instructions.

  • WHY Physical Assessment and Testing is IMPORTANT:

Massage treatments are far more likely to lead to FASTER RECOVERY TIMES, BETTER RESULTS AND SAFER TREATMENTS! When physical assessments are conducted prior to treatment. These involve he following; assessing a client’s; posture, range of movement and/or conducting specific specialised tests.

All clients must be at least eighteen years of age (18+) due to legal & safety reasons. In addition, pregnant women must be within their 2nd or third trimester to be treated.

Location: Traralgon. The FREE massage services are all based at my private home in Traralgon. I’ll email you the address only after I have scheduled your massage via my ‘contact page’.

2018 FREE REMEDIAL MASSAGES will expire at the end on June, 2018. Please note; Please, understand that FREE massages may be beneficial. However, they are still strictly for practicing purposes only. Thank you, Amber.