August 14, 2017

mel robins

Mel Robins created the “5 Second Rule” to help herself stop hesitating all the time & instead, make it simple for herself to start acting, achieving and enjoying life again. The “5 Second Rule” can help anyone take immediate action. The “5 Second Rule” is used when you’re faced with a challenge (big or small), to use it simply, count down from five, (5, 4, 3, 2, 1…) then, go do something, take action immediately! The action may be big or small, but it just needs to get done NOW! Because we all know that once you begin, then you can win! I’ve listened to Robins audio book, its inspiring, informative and makes implementing the rule super simple. This rule is potentially life changing, but only if you use it & take action throughout your day.

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