July 16, 2017

Semester Two Goals

This semester, I’ll be establishing a few new routines. Below are my goals that I’lll be accomplishing this term:


  • Workout 7AM
  • Fill out the five minute Journal (in the morning)
  • I’ll be ready & leave the house by 8:00am every morning (Monday-Friday).

  • Write a ‘to do list’ for tomorrow the night before
  • I’ll prepare my lunch in my bento box (from monbento), each night before class/work.
  • Fill out the five minute Journal (in bed at night)


  • Begin Sarah’s Day 8 Week Challenge (Workout Plan)
  • Focus on eating plant based whole foods (fruit/salad/veggies).
  • Drink two bottles of water or 2litres of water daily.
  • Schedule in downtime during the week (inspired by ‘The Downtime Agenda‘)
  • Keep one day of the weekend free for adventure, excitement, crafts, pampering, cooking, chilling, friends & family.


  • Review the weeks new massage sequences daily.
  • Schedule in clients for Monday-Thursday, after school (3:15-5:15pm).
  • Check & answer client related emails each morning & afternoon.


  • Every Monday, I’ll post on my blog (wellness lifestyle inspiration).
  • Every Sunday I’ll write and edit my weekly blog post.

These goals may seem simple but doing anything consistently is a challenge (at least it is for me). I hope you all have an amazing week.

Do you have any goals or tips on how to accomplish goals or establish new habits? Please comment below or message me via the contact side bar.

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