About ‘the creative duet’

“The creative duet” is a blog that documents how I am continually crafting my own wellness lifestyle.

In other words, this blog is a little sneak peak into my world, my current habits and those who inspire my ever-changing lifestyle.

Three years ago, I was fit, active & a happy person. I remember feeling beautiful & I genuinely loved my life. But that all changed after I had a mental break down in July, 2015. Its now July 2017 and although I’m relatively happy now. I’m going to be honest, my current health and fitness levels are very poor. But that is about to change. 

For the rest of this year & beyond, my lifestyle will revolve around health & massage therapy. As a massage therapy student, I’m reconnecting with others as well as myself. In addition to practicing massage, I am introducing many new healthy habits back into my lifestyle (and loving it). The changes are slowly becoming easier, which is great. I’m so inspired & determined to improve my lifestyle because ultimately, I’d love to help other’s feel beautiful & improve their general wellness too. 

If your curious about reading how I sustain my evolving wellness lifestyle, then I hope you enjoy reading and exploring my blog. for now, take care.

Amber ~Smile~ 

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