July 3, 2017

Winter Wellness Wishes

I’m keeping my promised to myself. So, here is my first Monday blog post.

Today I’ve been thinking and rethinking about my ‘fresh start’ in July. This year has been alright so far but I want to improve a few things in the next half of this year. In my last blog post I went over a few goals that should help improve my slack time management skills (thats if I actually action the goals). Right now, I’m currently on holidays and its freezing outside (minus 4 degrees). I’m someone who adores winter but lets be honest smashing goals versus cuddling up in front of the fire. Which one would you rather?

Winter can make motivating yourself that much harder. But I want to find a way to infuse the things I adore doing in winter with the not so fun goals that really need to get done. So, I’ve come across something I think may help me. I’d like to introduce you to an online space that celebrates and encourages us to rest up and even chill out, without any guilt. Its called Downtime AgendaThis site is not based around how to be lazy. Instead, its all about creating the time we all need to rejuvenate, so that we’re able to perform at our best. Its such a gorgeous website that I’ve only recently discovered. So, please take the time to check it out.

“The Downtime Agenda is an online hub dedicated to the things we do when we’re not doing things. Reminding us that rest, recuperation and comfort aren’t indulgences — but necessities.” Julie Haslam, Founder of The Downtime Agenda 

Winter wellness wishes will revolve around getting things done, relaxing and treating myself well this year.