About Me

Welcome to the ‘The Creative Duet’,

I’m Amber a creative who happens to live in Australia. While the name of my site might not make much sense, let me briefly explain. I’m not a singer instead I’m a twin. We (twin sister’s Amber & Benita) used to work on awesome creative projects together. We called ourselves ‘The Creative Duet’. Hence the name “The Creative Duet”. 

Anyways, at the moment my latest new passion is MASSAGE! As a massage therapy student, I currently offer FREE home-based massage treatments. These FREE massages expire at the end of November, 2017. So far, this project has been a blast! I adore treating people from home, while I practice & develop these new massage skills & techniques. 

Please feel free to contact me, about massage or a creative project, I’d love to hear from you.